Project SUN

Projectsun kankakee

Project SUN (Strengthening and Unifying our Network) is a community initiative to bring together all the parties involved with helping children flourish. This project focuses on promoting healthy social and emotional development and life transitions, as well as, facilitating easy access to children's mental health services in Kankakee County. The goal is to develop a family-driven system of care (SOC) that promotes wellness and offers all youth (0-21) and their families multiple avenues to access a comprehensive, integrated mental health care system aimed at meeting the needs of the whole child. This SOC model involves services provided in six Kankakee County community-based systems: mental health, primary healthcare, early childhood, schools, courts, and faith-based/civic organizations. Project SUN takes advantage of the best components each system has to offer; referring, serving, and supporting families as individual situations dictate. To learn more and get involved with this project, visit

Project SUN is an initiative of the Community Foundation of Kankakee River Valley and is funded by the Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation.