Helen Wheeler Center for Community Mental Health

Helen Wheeler Center for Community Mental Health
Outpatient community mental health center. Provides mental health services to children, adolescents and adults and SASS/Mobile Crisis Response services. Only accepts Medicaid or other managed care plans. Offers a sliding scale option for those without insurance.
Central Illinois


Capitated Community Care

Capitated Community Care is an adult service that is focused on those who are at greatest risk in the community, at high risk of psychiatric hospitalization, and/or those who are being discharged from a psychiatric hospitalization. The services and supports funded by this contract consist primarily of the services included in the Medicaid Community Mental Health Services Program. This program can include any other services or supports the community mental health providers determine will be needed to achieve the recovery goals of the individual and avoid more restrictive and expensive services.

Outpatient Mental Health Counseling

Services available in the outpatient programs include the following: - mental health assessment and individualized treatment planning- therapy and counseling services (including behavior therapy- cognitive behavior therapy, play therapy, sand/sensory therapy, psychodynamic therapy) - family therapy- parent resource developer support and intervention, parent support group and parent skill training and development- SASS/Mobile Crisis Response for those persons at risk of psychiatric hospitalization- case management and outreach and engagement for the hard to reach population- psychiatric and nurse services for those in need of medication services. Our staff also work very closely with other community providers to ensure linkage and care coordination, as well as service integration with the specialty court services programs.

Parent and Family Support Group

Support group and resource meetings held for parents and also parent and child together. Advocacy services also provided for parents and youth in the community.

SASS/Crisis Response - CARES Line: 1-800-345-9049

SASS/Mobile Crisis Response is a crisis mental health service program for those individuals who are experiencing a psychiatric emergency and are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization. SASS/Mobile Crisis Response series are available/initiated by calling the CARES line at 1-800-345-9049. The Helen Wheeler Center local SASS MCR team may be reached at 815-939-3991.

Transitional Community Care Services

Transitional Community Care Services ensures the availability of all necessary services and supports for individuals transitioning from a State Operated Psychiatric Hospital (SOPH) to a lower level of care. The individuals served by this program include both uninsured/underinsured people as well as individuals who have Medicaid coverage. The services and supports will include services consistent with the Medicaid Community Mental Health Services Program. Outreach and engagement and support activities specific to the individual's needs to ensure successful transition to the community. Engagement of individuals begins during admission, and continues throughout inpatient treatment and provides support services upon discharge from the SOPH back into the community.


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