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Clove Alliance
Provides hope and healing to survivors of sexual violence by improving the quality of services for survivors, assisting in their recovery, and working towards the elimination of sexual violence. Services are free and confidential and are provided in-person and via telehealth.
Central Illinois
Kankakee Location
Tracey Noe-Slach, Executive Director and CEO
Watseka Location
Tracey Noe-Slach, Executive Director and CEO


24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Clove Alliance's specially trained staff and volunteer advocates are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to provide support, information, referrals, and empathy. Anyone can call for any reason from a question to a crisis. Callers can say as little or as much as they wish in confidence and caller ID is never used. Call Clove Alliance at 815-932-3322


Clove Alliance believes every survivor can create their own new beginning when armed with hope and a safe space to heal. Counselors work to provide support, empowerment, and recovery to survivors of sexual violence and the people that love them along their healing journey. Like all Clove Alliance services, counseling is free, confidential, and aims to create a feeling of safety and trust in every interaction. Please contact for more information about these services.

Medical & Legal Advocacy

Clove Alliance imparts hope and healing through compassionate advocacy and personalized guidance for survivors of sexual violence. Clove Alliance offers confidential, around-the-clock legal and medical advocacy for survivors and their families. Clove Alliance advocates are always available to support survivors, their families, and friends during a visit to the emergency room for a medical examination or evidence collection. Clove Alliance staff advocates walk with survivors throughout the police and courtroom procedures, maintain an awareness of the status of each case, monitor the case throughout its legal proceedings, go to court with survivors (or for those who cannot attend), and keep survivors current on changes to their case. The goal is to help the system work more effectively for you and your family. Like all Clove Alliance services, legal and medical advocacy services are confidential and free of charge. Please contact for more info.

Prevention Education

In addition to responding to the needs of survivors of sexual violence, efforts must be made to prevent sexual violence from occurring in the first place. In fact, the elimination of sexual violence is a key tenant of Clove Alliance's mission. Sexual violence prevention goes beyond creating awareness of the issue and alerting community members of available services. It requires shifting community norms that contribute to sexual violence, promoting the norms and behaviors that foster safe communities, and participating in efforts to advance social justice. Clove Alliance provides prevention activities and training support to partners in building effective prevention efforts in their communities. Please contact for more info.

Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training

This comprehensive training, teaches participants to: respond to sexual violence survivors with sensitivity and support, recognize issues influencing different types of sexual violence, understand the medical and legal rights of survivors, apply theories of rape culture, and utilize person-centered practices. Participants earn a certificate in Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention. And, after completion, trainees are eligible to volunteer for Clove Alliance. You must be 18 or older to attend this training. Please contact for more info.


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